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Nuke Python Script setProjectFrameRange

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Often we receive plates with frame ranges that don’t begin at frame 1. The plates have 48 frame handles but we only need to deliver 8 frame handles. This script will set the selected Read node to start at frame 1 and set the correct handle ranges based on user input.

Saves a few seconds of math.

As an example, the project settings first frame for the settings in the image on the right would be 1 + 48 – 8 (41) and the last frame would 1 + [selected read node’s last frame ] – [selected read node’s first frame ] – 48 + 8.


  1. Add to your ~/.nuke folder
  2. In ~/.nuke/, import setProjectFrameRange
  3. Add the command to a menu


You can set the project handle default frame counts (48 and 8 in the image above) in the first portion of the class.

Download from Nukepedia.