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Christmas 2009

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Wes Montgomery smoking a candy cane

Wes Montgomery smoking a candy cane

For this year’s chrismtmas card I replaced the classic cigarette with the iconic candy cane.

I added the green strip, matched black and white points, extended the shadow and added back in the grain and halftone pattern, leaving the smoke as a hint to what was originally there.

Christmas Card: Santa Trumpeter

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Each year I doctor a jazz related photo for Christmas. This year’s features santa blowing a horn. Don’t have any attribution info though, sorry.

A Christmas Carol, Albery Theatre

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Patrick Stewart in A Christmas Carol

Show me another actor who can jump from TV to Film to Theatre as well as Patrick Stewart. Despite the fact that my friend and I were in a “severely restricted” discount seat – one that required a leaning position to view half the stage – I can remember this event with much fondness. In the one-man show, Stewart flows from narrator to actor, from actress to apparition with the ease of Dickens’ narrative itself. He possessed the intensity and subtlety of emotion that is both so required in a transformation of such a character as Scrooge and so telltale of actors with strong foundations.