Spherical Pianos

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While designing an album cover for Peter Jones’s next album, some interesting images arose from photographs of the insides of grand pianos and the polar coordinates filter.


The Beetle


The Harp


The Purple Sunflower


The Ribcage


The Honey Bee


The Church Organ


The Seat

Ubuntu mimetypes

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Opening an unknown file type into a new default application is a bit of a pain in Ubuntu 13.10.

For example, getting .nk files to open by default in Nuke isn’t as obvious as it should be. Nuke uses plain text files with the .nk extension and always associate with gedit.

Ubuntu’s wiki page on adding mime types offers two solutions:

  1. modifying  /etc/mime.types
  2. add xml files in /usr/share/mime/application

Unfortunately, neither worked for me, for whatever reason. Option 2 however included the xml file information which was useful.

In the end, I used xdg-icon-resource and xdg-mime successfully.

With the Nuke for example:

install icon

install mime type

restart nautilus

The application-x-nuke.png  is just the launcher icon.

the mime type xml in the second step looks like this

More details at stackoverflow

client denied by server configuration error after upgrade to Apache 2.4

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After an upgrade from Ubuntu 13.04 to 13.10,  my Apache virtual host configurations were returning a HTTP Forbidden error.

With the Ubuntu upgrade, I was now running Apache 2.4.6, which had a few changes made to access control.

The relevant one here was the move from  Allow from  to Require all .

Thanks once again to stackoverflow.

Ingesting VFX Plates with reference MOVs

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This is an update to my previous post on using bash to shuffle files around into named folders.

The additions in this script take into account editorial giving us a reference Quicktime that should be filed accordingly.

Additionally, the script now takes an argument that is the folder to process. And prints the progress to the terminal.


Using MAC OS X launchd to schedule rsync

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When reviewing VFX shots, loading EXR files into RAM for realtime playback goes much faster locally than over our network. I’ve set up our review station to sync shot files for review using the Mac’s launcher Agents (launchd) thanks to some good documentation on nathangrigg.net

Using his template, I’ve got a plist file set up  and saved to  ~/Library/LaunchAgents/com.rsgca.sync-comps.plist

The agent above runs the bash script below every 200 seconds

This rsync script above syncs all EXR files from our file server to the local RAID array.

The commands to load and run  launchd  are


Renumber an image sequence in bash

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FFmpeg and Avconv required image sequences to start at frame 1. I have a number of sequences that start at frame 1001 and need to be renumbered.

Unfortunately, GUI apps tend to hang populating the list of files to rename because they are in the 1000s of frames.

Here’s a way to accomplish the renaming of image sequences in bash, adapted from a number of sources.

To use:

  • Save the above code to  ~/Desktop/resequence.sh 
  • cd into the directory containing the image sequence
  • bash ~/Desktop/resequence.sh

Move Image Sequences into Named Folders with Python

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Sometimes we receive multiple image sequences in one folder.

These few lines of python will move each image sequence to its own folder.

To use:

  • Save this script to your Desktop,  ~/Desktop/sortSequences.py
  • Open terminal
    • cd /path/to/image_sequences/
    • python ~/Desktop/sortSequences.py

Ingesting VFX Plates

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When we receive plates from editorial, we have to ingest them into our VFX directory structure.

We might get something like this:

And we want

Executing this bash shell script in the ingest directory will iterate over the folder contents to automate this process.

To run the command

  • save the above code into ~/Desktop/ingest.sh  extension.
  • cd into the directing containing the folders of plates
  • run  bash ~/Desktop/ingest.sh*

*NOTE that you use bash not sh. The latter won’t expand the folder names on line 13.

The Ice Cream Wrap

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Today I had a wrap for lunch and an ice cream sandwich for dessert. And I thought, what if I had a sandwich for lunch and an ice cream wrap for dessert!


There is a whole “consumergraphic” that dislikes sandwiches in preference for wraps AND YET the ice cream wrap does not exist!

Lets be honest, in terms of first world problems, this one lands high on the priority list: a lack of consumer ice cream sandwich outsides options.

Standard / Mini Size
Sandwich Wrap
Wafer Cookie Wafer Wrap Crepe
Vanilla Standard Standard Doesn’t Exist Standard
Chocolate Standard Standard Doesn’t Exist Standard
Coconut Standard Standard Doesn’t Exist Standard
Chocolate Mint Possible Possible Doesn’t Exist Possible
Peanut Butter Possible Possible Doesn’t Exist Possible
Zuccini Weird Weird Doesn’t Exist Weird

There are lots of cookie options but a wafer is a wafer.

What if a wafer was a wafer wrap?


I sent of my product mock up to sodeliciousdairyfree.com to ask for a good reason why this product is not part of their line-up. Shay Haack from customer relations replied:

Hello Richard,

Thank you for your suggestion (and deliciously looking mock-up!) We appreciate our fans SO much and enjoy hearing suggestions! Along with providing great dairy free alternatives to you and your families,  suggestions from our fans propelled us to really look at all ideas and see if it’s something we can actually make happen!

We are always looking onto new and “Delicious” ideas.  You have a great suggestion, I will send this to our research and development department.

Have an amazing day,


P.S Reply back with your address if you would like some coupons!

sodeliciousShay Haack
Consumer Relations
So Delicious Dairy Free
Turtle Mountain, LLC
 1-866-388-7853  ext. 3445


Thanks Shay! I wonder what it’s like to be a part of the R&D department at an ice cream store?